Welcoming Monsoon with seeding activity

17 & 18 July 2021 at Save Aravali Trust Nursery

While everyone was hopefully looking up in the sky, witnessing the transformation of turning blue sky to cloudy and checking weather apps for rain prediction, Save Aravali beside preparing for a huge plantation drive throughout the monsoon, also carried seeding activity in Save Aravali Nursery sector 49.

Seeding Activity

Before we are ready to deploy our plant in a designated forest area, we have to go through several steps to make the plan ready. Seeding is the very first step in this series of effort.

We have our volunteers throughout India, and Few of our volunteers sent seeds from as far as 1000s KM to us which was overwhelming for us.

We organised this weekend drive on seeds sent by these green friendly volunteers.

Seeding Activity requires following before we can go ahead.

  1. Preparation of beds
  2. Preparation of soil
  3. Soften the seeds

Preparation of beds

This requires preparation of the area in Nurusy with a plastic based base to keep the fertile soil isolated from ground and also prevent leakage of water to the ground.

We designate an area usually in square shape around 6-8 feet a side.

Preparation of soil

With guidance from our forest team, our ground team dedicate their best efforts to prepare soil, soil which is mixed of

  • Normal garden soil
  • Compost 
  • Cow dung compost
  • Mild organic fertilizers
  • Coco peat

All these mixed well in specified proportion and moist with water a few days before we consider it ready for seeding.

Soften the seeds

All seeds we have are usually hard and dried, it’s not very ideal for germination in a short period of time, so we keep it in water for a few days. With the osmosis process, seed gets softer by absorbing water and thus ready for quick germination.

Seeding process

Finally it’s time to initiate life. After gathering at SAT nursery on Saturday and Sunday morning and greeting each other and relaxing our eyes with green baby plant buds which we have in SAT nursery, everyone is full of energy for the day’s activity.

We start by removing weeds from soil which we usually find after keeping it ideal.

We take seeds out of water and start sowing closely with each other, sometimes mixed, sometimes with similar seeds as suggested by our forest experts.

What next?

After a week or two, they start germinating and will be ready for sapling. 

Our sapling activity will be done to move these newly planted seeds and their small plantlets to grow bags for individual and further growth before we will plant them in a forest area.

Written by Dheeraj(Afforestation Team)

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