Waste Management


We Don’t believe in creating the problem first and then solving it. Our First line of defense against the waste is to reduce it.  A Minimalist lifestyle is what we prefer for ourselves and recommend for everyone.


With REDUCE as our primary motive, we believe things should be reusable as much as possible. We will ditch single use object any time to go for a reusable product. This is another way of helping mother nature. More you reuse less waste you create.


Our Ideology doesn’t allow us to fill the dumpsters and create huge mountains of garbage or wastelands to pollute the environment. Awareness is a path to fight garbage dumps and RECYCLE is a process to achieve the goal.

Our Efforts

Work on Ground Zero

We are not creating fake perspectives but work on ground. Our Volunteers coming from all sections of society work together to bring the real change. We were able to create a city forest on the place of a garbage dump.

We regularly take care of this place and try to make people see the change then can bring to environment.


We regularly organize plogging activities where kids, youth and seniors come together and help  clean public places.

Awareness Campaigns

Save Aravali believes that, the change comes from within.
We run awareness campaigns for people to know about REDUCE-REUSE-RECYCLE. We believe if people take little steps we all will move many miles together.

Mother nature need us to come together and fight Waste Pollution.

How to get started ?

Start with little changes in lifestyle

Will you believe if we tell you there is a house in Faridabad with 0 waste policy ?

Yes, Arun Gupta ji from Save Aravali has achieved this. He is leading the fight against household generated waste armed with effective REDUCE-REUSE-RECYCLE process.

Here are the few things you can start with:

  • Try to avoid plastic use as much as possible.
  • Bring in re-usable products in daily life and avoid single use items.
  • Separate dry and wet waste.
  • Categorize dry waste in recyclable and non recyclable waste.
  • Carry cloth bag with you all the time in order to avoid single use plastic bag.
  • Make a habit to carry your own re-usable water bottle.

These are just a few tips, there is a lot more you can learn and do with Save Aravali.

Learn and get involved with Save Aravali

Our Volunteers are learning and implementing waste management methods and reducing their contributions towards Ground Polluting garbage mountains.

You can also join us to learn and contribute for a better and cleaner environment.