Illegal encroachments in the Aravali and corrupt govt bodies of Haryana

The revenue area of Lakadpur, Anangpur, Mewla Maharajpur, Ankheer, and Badkhal is within the city limits of the Municipal Corporation of Faridabad hence any revenue related activity needs to be permitted by the corporation in this area.

Since the land of the mentioned area is in the Aravali and the land except defined residential limits is protected by Sections 4 and 5 of PLPA 1900, no construction or non-forestry activities are permitted. Section 4 and 5 are later strengthened by many other orders and notifications of the honorable Supreme Court of India.

Unfortunately, the land on both sides of Major District Road – Suraj Kund road which connects Faridabad to Delhi has got farmhouses, marriage halls, restaurants, and wine shops without taking any permission from both the departments – MCF and Forest department.

The senior officers of both the departments know every single development but due to the practice of corruption and interventions from political leaders, they stay silent and make money from all the developers, shop owners on a regular basis which morally restricts them take any action against these illegal encroachments in the forest area.
Not only this, officers from both the departments teach the encroachers the way to protect their infrastructure from any legal action on the complaints raised by the NGOs raising voices against deforestation and encroachments. Most of the farmhouse owners now have bogus stay orders from junior courts and the High Court of Haryana. These cases are purposely registered by the relatives of the farmhouse developers against them so that the authorities find excuses for not touching these structures. Unfortunately, most of the cases have similar scripts.

The ex-commissioner of Faridabad Mr. Mohammad Shayin had officially announced that there are 140 illegal farmhouses in the forest area of mentioned villages in the year 2019 which need to be demolished without any advocacy but due to heavy pressure from the political lobby, he couldn’t do anything and got transferred from Faridabad.

The order of 23rd July from the Honorable Supreme Court clearly states and orders local authorities to demolish any kind of structures from the Aravali area.

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