who we are

About Us

We are a volunteer’s group working for the betterment of Aravali- the oldest mountain range of India. The motive is to make it green, home to wildlife and entity of prosperity for the humans.

Our Objective

Afforestation and
Wildlife Care

We develop small forests in the waste or un-used areas of the city. Growing native species to create bio-diversity. Have developed 4 forests as of now. We also develop artificial ponds in the deforested areas for wild animals.


Using traditional ways of building water reservoirs. Reviving lost water bodies. Building check dams, rain water harvesting systems & Anicuts. Economical methods “Raw Pits” for drain water management

Literacy - "Alakh"

Alternative techniques to create mass awareness & eco literacy among citizens. We organize monthly nature walk for citizens – Aravali Yatra. Eco nukkad natak – educational plays. Guided tours for children & associates from other NGO’s


Monthly forest cleaning drive. Weekly city cleaning drives. Mandi waste management. Encourage citizens to adopt Eco-friendly practices at home to reduce waste. Promoting Eco-friendly products. Utensils Bank to discourage use of disposable cutlery.

Garbage Yard to City Forest Sainik Colony

What We DO