Like every month Save Aravali successfully completed the aravali yatra on 3September,2017. The yatra is started in the leadership of Mr. Jitender Bhadhana and team and accompany by other 150 environment enthusiastic. Acp police Mr Rajesh Chechi also joined the yatra and completed 6km walk successfully. The whole yatra is huge success and shows that governnent and burocrates, officers supporting the team in every manner. The team also collected donation amount which must be used for planting,watering trees. Save aravali work in direction to educate on environment sciences, save and plant trees, save habitat, stop degradation of natural resources, doing fair practice to save and change lifes.
Note: You can volunteer and support Save aravali in many manners. Link and volunteer support and joining forms are available.

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Nature Camp and Environment education programme.

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