City Forest

Garbage Yard to City Forest Sainik Colony

Garbage Yard to City Forest Sainik Colony     Click here to see the location on map 

All the residents of Faridabad and travelers of Badkhal Pali road must have experienced a stinky smell and cloud of smoke while passing by the main Badkhal Pali Road just opposite gate number 3 of Sainik  Colony Sector 49, Faridabad.

There is a govt land of around 1 Kilometer being used as an unauthorized Garbage Dumping Yard by the nearby colonies and villages.  This might be giving peace to the garbage throwers but is a big problem to the city. Around  was a beautiful ridge area around 15 years ago but after development, its shape is changed.

Save Aravali Trust wrote multiple letters, filed many complaints but got nothing from any concerned body and in last thought of converting it into a City Forest.

Why city Forest

City/Urban Forest, as we know, is a concept that’s anyways a boon for its multiple advantages to the society and environment. The excellence superimposed in our proposal is that ‘Save Aravali’ will do it all by itself without seeking any financial help from the city administration.

How we are going to do it

Planting around 150 native plants ( Neem, Peepal, Bad, Papri, Pilkhan, Gulmohor, Bakaan, and Goolar)

Doing aluminium wire fencing for security of the plants and to stop the garbage throwers.

As per our policy,  we are committed to the society to take care of feeding and security of the plants for Three years.

The change is here –

Click here to see the old pictures of this location

and Click here for current pictures.


We are happy to have the partnership of following government departments-

  1. Forest Department Haryana
  2. Municipal Corporation Faridabad
  3. District Commissioner Faridabad
  4. Public Works Department (PWD)
  5. Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam Limited

and the following private/social organizations-

  1. Rotary Clubs, Faridabad
  2. Mahaveer International
  3. Anant Udyog Faridabad


Total Budget

The total estimated budget for this project for Three year is Rs.503800 

As per our internal policy, we keep the records of donations and funds in public domain-

Your part

We are aggressively looking for volunteers, specialists and financial supporters like you to be our partners in Faridabad’s first of its kind Garbage Yard to City Forest project.

You may become a volunteer by signing up at Become a volunteer or by donating us here