Save Aravali team continiously doing there best practices to save environment. This time save aravali team collaborated with government and forest department and authorities in haryana to educate government schools students and faculty. For connecting students to nature our team doing best efforts to educate them on planting, saving tree techniques, knowledge about biodiversity, water harvesting techniques, aravali and its importance the on going project’s are Bharat Dershan kendra at Bhondsi Gurugram Haryana and Dharuhera Gurugram Haryana. Team Save Aravali doing best to educate everyone and never lacks in sharing experiences.
Special thanks to Mr.Lalit Gupta, Mr Sanjay Bagul, Mr Madan , Mr.Yash Bhadhana , Mr Jitender Bhadhana, Sehdev Bhadhana and our lovely and important member Master Nakul Bagul.
Note: Save Aravali team doing best efforts to save live. We need volunteer to support the cause so enroll today and fill the volunteer form.

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Successfull Aravali Yatra Kot Bani 03/09/2017

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