“Our kids are not safe and getting infected of so many diseases unnecessarily. Everyone in Delhi NCR has turned into a smoker.The statics says that lung cancer cases are increasing day-by-day. The condition of air in Delhi NCR is going worse day by day and instead of taking proactive steps to control the situation, the government is still believing in promoting the air purifiers, masks and packed oxygen. We have got no option other than getting into a slow death situation now…’ and he breaks down by weeping during a live show done by Save Aravali Trust in their weekly Aravali Live event in Sector 21 market of Faridabad.

Neeraj Lohan, a resident of Faridabad and engineer by profession blames the administration and the government for not doing any effective e work on the disastrous situation of air pollution and playing with the health and lives of the citizens.

Not only Neeraj, 90% of total interviewed people were found in the same condition when our team started discussing the air quality index with the citizens of Faridabad. They blamed the administration and the government for not working up to the marks, not educating the general public and staying busy in general issues of political leaders.

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