It must be a bad news for encroachers of Lakarpur Khori village of Faridabad. In the papers ,the land is a property of Faridabad municipality and is a protected forest under section 4 and 5 of Punjab Land Preservation Act (PLPA) 1900 but in actual, no forest is left, no waterbodies are left and a slum has been developed by some local leaders.


“I have been writing to the authorities but no action has been taken so far. Not just this, the authorities are trying to demotivate me and stop me following this as this might stop their regular income. But this may not be a game for long time for the encroachers and the engaged government officers ,” Jitender Bhadana, Environment Activist at Save Aravali says.


“They have cut entire forest, have filled all the water bodies, destroyed the jungle. They sell illegal electricity, illegal water, illegal land to the buyers and are mobilizing slum class from across India to get cheap homes here just to ensure votes. See what shape they have given to the precious forest, the lungs, the oxygen factory of Delhi NCR”, he added.

Google image of 25-06-2006-25.6.2006 Khori


Google image of 10-05-2016-

25.6.2016 Khori



Reply for MCF on CM window complaint-

MCF Khori

Recently, he lodged an application to the CM window also but the reply given by the MCF was not just unsatisfactory but discouraging.

Activist Jitender Bhadana blames MCF for promoting slum here and not taking any legal action. Save Aravali lawyers are working to file a case in NGT on this very soon.

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