The proposal is regarding the initiative of Save Aravali to develop ecotourism spots in Aravali range to connect the masses with nature. Lack of exposure and absence of empathy in residents of Delhi  NCR for the natural heritage of Aravali is one of the major reasons for its exploitation and illegal activities. If selected then DublDom will install a modular house at our site free of cost which we can further utilize as a cafe or a social space to discuss and experience nature.


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श्री मान जी,अरावली में रोड के दोनों तरफ पेड़ों की कटाई देखकर दुःख हुआ, शिकायत करने पर पता चला की वन विभाग द्वारा रोड के दोनों तरफ 1-1 किलोमीटर तक पेड़ों की सफाई की जा रही Read more…


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